So, as promised here’s a little bit on my new keyboard. The Nord Electro 3. After a bit of hassle with the order and delivery it finally turned up and I couldn’t contain my excitement!

I didn’t get to test it out in anger until the weekend when I was gigging again with the Brando boys but it was certainly worth the wait. The look on the guys faces when the hammond organ sound made its first noises was a sight to see. What an amazing piece of kit.

What I really like about it is that whilst it’s one of the cheaper models in the Nord range it still packs a punch and delivers on performance every time. To mention the organ sound again, it’s incredibly versatile, unlike any other keyboard I’ve seen. It’s basically designed to be exactly like a real hammond organ with electronic drawbars mimicking the real thing.

The keyboard is designed in such a way that everything you want is only one or two button pushes away, I really love that. Sound changes are easy and then on top of that there’s an effects section that gives you so many different options to change the sound. You can really create an individual sound if you spend time on it and it’s really easy.

The electric piano’s are exceptional as well, they really add so much to a keyboard players versatility and they don’t get overpowered by other instruments in a band.

I have the semi weighted waterfall keys version and what really makes this feature exceptional is when you’re playing the organ. The ability to play those lovely organ smears without ripping the skin off your fingers is a real selling point of this keyboard.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the Nord Sound Manager where I have loaded sounds onto the keyboard that I have downloaded from forums and the Nord website. This feature alone means that the keyboard gains so much versatility because you have access to thousands of sounds and it only takes a moment to load them onto the keyboard. I found a great sound for Van Halen’s “Jump” just through experimentation.

I could go on for ages about other features on the keyboard that I’ve used and how easy everything is to use but suffice to say, I’m delighted that I got the Nord Electro 3 and it’s really improved my keyboard playing, the contribution I make to bands and the overall sound. If you’re looking for a new keyboard I would highly recommend the Nord range.

if you have a bigger budget then you should seriously consider the Nord Stage 2 for it’s increased memory capacity for storing sounds along with a host of other features like sound layering, full 88 key keyboard and the pitch bend to name but a few.

Nord, I salute you!

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