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Piano, Trumpet and brass lessons are available in Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth and around the Hampshire area. If you would like to start lessons please email jamie@jamiecrook.com
Having a privileged musical education is something that I’m extremely grateful for and I am keen to pass on what I’ve learnt to students of all ages through the Piano and Trumpet. I always makes sure that lessons are fun and content is guided by discussion with you meaning lessons can be structured and productive.
There’s nothing worse than having a teacher that doesn’t listen to what you’re saying you need. I’m very conscious of the fact that everyone has different goals and aspirations. Maybe you just want to learn to play a tune or you like playing in a particular style. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. What I can do is make sure through our lessons you have all the tools and skills you need to be the best you can be at what you want to do.
I like to be flexible and understand that not everyone can commit to regular lessons, but on the flip side I also appreciate that some people like to be more organised in their learning.
  • Weekly lessons are great for those people who like lots of contact time and prefer regular guidance in their playing. This type of lesson offers the student the best opportunity to learn quickly whilst seeing a clear week on week improvement. We will work together to establish weekly goals.
  • Monthly/bi-monthly etc. less frequent lessons are perfect for players who like to do their own thing but have perhaps stumbled across a problem they can’t fix. I can give them a push in the right direction and they can leave knowing that they’ve got several answers and ideas to put into practice, experiment with, and improve their own self-learning skills.
  • Intensive lessons. Do you have an important performance, audition or exam coming up and you feel you need some more intensive and regular guidance before-hand? If the answer is yes then we can arrange more regular lessons in the run up to important musical events where we can specifically target your short term goals. Mastering that tricky phrase can seem like an impossible task if you’re running out of time so these lessons aim to give you the support and re-assurance you need along with the tools and skills to be able to achieve your aspirations when time is short.
Most importantly with our lessons I want to make sure that you get as much enjoyment as possible out of playing your instrument. I like to show my students that improving doesn’t have to be difficult or boring and I want all my students to love playing as much as I do.
If you do choose to do an exam then you can be confident that you’ll get exactly the right guidance. I have a 100% pass rate when entering students for ABRSM examinations. So you can be confident that we’ll prepare well and approach your exam correctly  and ensure you pass that exam.
If you’d like to know more about what I can do for you then please drop me an email at:
Good luck with your playing!

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