Michael Jackson, The Next Court Case

I see the latest court case surrounding the death of Michael Jackson is selecting it’s jury as I write. Michael Jackson’s mother has accused his promoters of neglect when hiring Michael’s doctor Conrad Murray.

It’s a big lawsuit, said to be a claim for $40bn yes, thats FORTY BILLION DOLLARS. I expect the promoters AEG Live to hotly contest the accusations and quite frankly, $40bn does seem excessive to me. For a start AEG Live most likely don’t have anywhere near that sum of cash, and how did the Jackson family come up with such a figure?

Admittedly I’m not flush with all the facts so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. From my point of view I can see some of the culpability being placed on the shoulders of AEG Live and a payout being secured for a significantly reduced sum, but let’s wait and see.

“This is it” Trailer: