International Naughty Boy

It is with great pleasure that I now introduce you to ‘International Naughty Boy’.

Having played with the band for the last three years as Brando I’m excited to announce a fresh new look to go alongside the release of our self titled album in the summer of 2013.

It has been an exciting ride so far but this is just the beginning of things to come.

Vocalists, Phil and Alex met in 1999 and have played all over Europe together since their meeting on the Isle of Wight. Joined in 2010 by drummer Stu Fisher, formerly of Hole and Ozric Tentacles and subsequently in 2013 by keys player Wayne Readhead, International Naughty Boy were formed.

They are also helped out from time to time by their friends from the brass section Rob, Irv, Ben and myself. What an honour to be amongst such talent!

Keen to provide you with a musical alternative, an alternative to the viral online lunacy slowly infecting the planet, slowly smothering the musical life out of our industry. International Naughty Boy are here to allow you a moment of clarity and enlightenment in these dark times.

Take a deep breath and enter into a world rich with musicality, deep pounding, riff driven guitars, energetic, electric vocals and crusty, grinding hammond organs. It’s BIG and its certainly sexy, what it is………. is ROCK AND ROLL.

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