Brass Banding

Tonight I went and played with Gosport Solent Brass Band. I’ve been looking to meet some local players so I got in touch with the band and they invited me along.

I turned up, pretty nervous really, it’s never nice going somewhere new where you don’t know anyone and I only had my trumpet with me. Clearly I was a novice in the brass band world but they managed to get me a basic Getzen cornet and I started to set myself up in the back row.

No such luck I’m afraid as someone had got wind that I’d been playing on cruise ships so straight up to the front row it was. I got through OK and everyone was really nice. It’s a bit of a shock to the system playing intense brass band tunes. They certainly are a good work out for the chops and the cornet is such a different instrument to the trumpet, especially in the upper register.

The good news is they’ve asked me to go and play in the next contest they’re taking part in so expect an update on here when that time comes. In the meantime I’ve got a job on my hands familiarising myself with the cornet I’ve been given. Wish me luck!

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