Billy Remembers Derek Watkins at the England New Zealand Test Match

Whilst watching England’s valiant attempts to lose the cricket in New Zealand today I heard the familiar sound of the Barmy Army. Ever present trumpet player Billy Cooper was there of course leading the crowd through his usual repertoire of songs.

It was lovely to hear Billy play some James Bond, evidently in tribute to the late Derek Watkins. It goes to show just how much Derek and his legacy will live on. Thanks to the publicity since his death now more than ever, if the wider world didn’t know who Derek was they will do now. In future he’ll always be known as the James Bond trumpeter.

Of course Derek’s achievements stretch far beyond James Bond but it’s wonderful that something as mainstream as 007 has brought someone so deserving into the public domain.

Keep playing those Bond tunes Billy and thanks for such a kind and touching tribute to Derek. I’m sure his family will take pride in your heartfelt gesture.

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