Back with Brando

After Disney I was worried about how being away was going to affect my freelancing in the UK. I needn’t have worried as it turns out. I had already been booked in for a show. “Pirates of the Curry Bean” was filled with puns just as bad if not worse than the title but was a fun way to get back to gigging back home.

I also had a rare gig booked in with Uncle Funk, one of the greatest disco bands around although I’ve never gigged with a bigger drum kit, totally ridiculous. It was great to see those guys again, it had been almost a year since I’d last played with them and I always enjoy donning my white flares with silver sequins, gold frilly shirt and big afro for the occasion.

What great fun, it’s the way gigs should be and the road trip to Wales really entertaining. Having been on the ship though it reminded me of just how much wasted time there is for a musician on land. Travelling around, waiting , setting up and the general nastiness from the various service stations en route in the form of sandwiches and pasties. I hadn’t missed them!

 The Masterplan

All of a sudden Brando were back in my life. Gigs all over the place, pubs, weddings, birthday parties, you name it Brando were playing at it and it was sounding great. Of course what I’ve neglected to mention is that as soon as I returned from the USA I made the short trip in a van from Portsmouth to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Yes, that’s right, I’d been back in the country for only three days and I was already going away again. This was of course to play out the rest of the apres ski season with the Brando boys as they’d been there for three months themselves and then return back to the UK with them road trip style.

So four of the most exciting and fun gigs of the year later and a little bleary eyed we returned back to the British Isles for our summer of fun. We had lots of bookings in the diary so life was looking great.

However, no sooner was I back in the swing of things working with Brando and having the time of my life Super Fi came calling again. We’d been offered a gig on P&O’s cruise ship Ventura….

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